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Certificates of Deposit


Another great safe way to save money is in a CD.  The Bank of Milan offers a variety of CD terms.  We know that every customer has their own plans and need different terms and access to their money.  One of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you choose the term that best meets your needs.  As your needs change over time always feel free to come in so that we may adjust your account as your circumstances may change.


Types of Certificates offered:


21-89 days

90-180 days

181-364 days

12-23 months

24-35 months

36-47 months

48-59 months

60 months


*$1,000 minimum balance required

*For monthly interest checks - $10,000 minimum balance is required

*All Certificates are automatically renewable

*Penalty for early withdrawal

*10 day grace period to cash in certificate


**For more information on current rates or other questions please contact a Customer Service Representative at 731-686-2255.